Based on the provisions of the Central Bank of Cyprus Directive “The Arrears Management Directive 2015-2020” and its Annexes (“Framework for the Management of Arrears” and “Code of Conduct for the handling of borrowers facing financial difficulties),” the Cyprus Company Asset Management Ltd (KEDIPES) established a Dispute Resolution / Loan Settlement Dispute Resolution Committee (EEPIDI)


Restructuring Dispute Resolution /Loan Arrangements Committee (EEPIDI)


The sole duty of the Committee is the efficient, timely, and impartial handling of all the objections and complaints any borrowers may have against the Cyprus Asset Management Company LTD (KEDIPES) regarding the restructuring of their loans.


Dispute Resolution / Dispute Settlement Procedure


The complaining borrower’s objection should be submitted in writing through the standard Restructuring Objection Form” employing the following process:


(i)   If the borrower has been made an offer by doValue Cyprus, which the borrower has rejected, he/she must contact EEPIDI, within one (1) month from the date the answer was received, otherwise, the offer will be considered as final.
In case a new offer is made to the borrower, he/she must contact EEPIDI, within one (1) month from the receipt of the new offer.


(ii)   If the decision of doValue Cyprus has been negative regarding the loan restructuring proposal, the borrower should make a written contract within one (1) month from the date of receipt of the negative decision letter.


The Restructuring Objection Form is also available in the branch network of KEDIPES and the District Offices of doValue Cyprus.


EEPIDI can receive written objections/claims/complaints from the complaining borrowers of the Cyprus Asset Management Company LTD (KEDIPES) regarding the restructuring of loans:


  • Through the KEDIPES Branch network and the doValue Cyprus District Offices.


  • By post to the following address:


 Restructuring Dispute Resolution Committee / Loan Arrangements


Cyprus Asset Management Company LTD (KEDIPES)


Grigori Afxentiou 8


1096 Nicosia


  • By email at:


Any verbal, overdue objections or objections that fall outside the area of responsibility of EEPIDI will not be considered acceptable and therefore will not be evaluated.


EEPIDI may require the submission of any further supporting documents/evidence it deems necessary to examine each objection case by the complaining borrower.


Τhe committee has the right to invite the borrower who objected, to a private meeting, as well as the obligation to meet with them upon request.


EEPIDI will notify the complaining borrower of the Restructuring Objection Form, within twenty-one (21) days from the date of receipt of all relevant material.


The official decision of EEPIDI will be notified to the complaining borrower within two (2) months from the date of receipt of the“Restructuring Objection Form.


EEPIDI will safeguard the protection of the personal data of the complaining borrowers who submit an objection/complaint/claim.


For any information, clarification, or/and the progress of the objection/complaint borrowers can contact the responsible Secretary of the Committee on Dispute Settlement of the Cyprus Company Asset Management Ltd (KEDIPES), Mr. Marios Karakokkinos, at 35722743502.